Passion vs Fears: Taking action toward your happiness and fulfilment

The fact of the matter is, you will never feel completely ready! No matter your age or your current life circumstance, the right time to take action is NOW! It doesn’t have to be big bold moves like quitting your job, moving overseas (although sometimes it can be) simply taking small consistent steps in the right direction toward your goals and passion.

How to implement daily cold showers to boost your immune system and fight colds!

The immune strengthening effects alone is enough for me to continue and promote cold showers. Since beginning my cold shower habit I have gone an entire year without getting sick let alone a single cold. In the past I would routinely get one or two throughout the year. Correlation or coincidence?

Why I wear blue blocking glasses every night to get the best sleep.

Why I wear blue blocking glasses every night to get the best sleep.

These days I naturally rise without an alarm almost in sync with the sun and almost every night have a high quality sleep that I track objectively and subjectively. I’m continually tweaking my sleep to get the most out of my performance for the day. The difference I see and feel from a couple of years ago is night and day.

This is what happened when I switched my mobile phone to Airplane Mode whilst NOT on an Airplane!

My knowledge of the negative health effects mobile phones have on us had been quite limited up until only around a year ago. I assume most of you millenials and gen Y’s reading this sleep with your mobile phones either next to your head or just across the room.